Friday, January 27, 2012

Module 3 ch 8 To the edge

Another post!
Here is chapter 8, this definitely put me over the edge when I started last year. I wanted to complete the chapter during these two weeks I am at home as my sewing machine is sending messages it needs a service, and that can be done while i am at work.
These edges seemed a chore last year so I stopped, but now having time to explore I did another drawing /design  and enjoyed making the final samples.

Section 1
The material I chose was the only one I had with water on it, it is a patchwork fabric I have had for ages and not used. Here are the first drawings:

Section 2
Now the edges. It was an opportunity to use some of the scraps and failed samples I have hoarded

The pages are numbered but not necessarily the right way round when scanned

some of these fabrics are from module 2 and 3 of the certificate. The flax shapes  above on p31 were made for diploma module 1 - I have about another 20 to go, and the scraps of machine stitching in blue are oddments from the  neckpiece made for diploma. Interesting to put scraps together in a different way.

p36 are remains of practice stamps with acrylic paint and fabric paint. The house stamp was where I attempted to melt embossing powder and succeeded in burning the fabric, that was the day the smoke alarm went off.

Section 3
Next to translating design into stitches. I did another drawing now I understood what it was all about.
This drawing is a water colour wash, with water soluble pastels  for the water, painted semi transparent paper (green) with an overlay with flowers and leaves on baking paper in oil pastels/ crayons. I havent written it on paper yet. The key for fabric sample is on this page.

above is scanned, and below is a photo.
 Now back to playing with paper and paint.
I hope all the distant stitchers are enjoying their sewing. It is always interesting and encouraging to me to see your posts.

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