Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer sketchbook challenge- Days 14,15

I have done two days of sketchbook challenge today. I am at home for a weekend in winter "on call" so it was good to have the sketchbook to play with.
I have continued with my second arrangement of pepper, mango and tamarillos, these gave simpler shapes and are still intact.
Day14  Continue with Colour-
Today you use other coloured media, I used coloured pencils at the top for the tamarillo and oil pastels for the mango

Then I chose to use oil pastels to colour one of the copies

Day 15 Scribble away- use pens and felt tips-
I used pens and biro as I had red, orange, light and dark green, purple and blue which was just sufficient.

The highlights are different because I did day 14 in daylight and these scribbles this evening. Tip - dont mark your highlight areas in the darkest colour- looks most odd.

These coloured studies were fun to do using the scanned copies, and I learned about the media and using lots of colours.
I have no excuse now not to watch the rugby SA vs NZ.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer sketchbook challenge- Days 11,12,13

I had two goes at these challenges: Mixing colours for day 11, Colouring in day 12 and Shining highlights day 13. The first series are of a watering can, some leaves, rosehips and a camellia. Complicated for me and objects either too small -the rosehips or dominating -the watering can.
 Day 11 mixing colours- top sheet- coloured pencil, bottom- water colour

Day 12   Colouring in

Day 13 Shining highlights

By the time I finished painting the camellia on the 3rd day it was very sad looking.
For the second series  I chose a red pepper, 2 tamarillos and a mango on a piece of dyed calico

Day 11 mix colours
on the left is watercolour, R top is coloured pencil and bottom R is oil pastel

Day 12 Colouring in

and day 13 shining highlights

Would be better without the spiral, and with the tamarillo in a more interesting position but this worked for me as in this 2nd series the highlights are better.

Onto the next day- Day 14.
Please keep posting challengers as it is interesting to see our different approaches.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer sketchbook challenge

Hello distant stitchers.
 Summer school looked great and it is good that people post their work- thank you.
I haven't been doing much stitching lately, as life gets in the way of course work. I had also decided I wanted  to be able to draw and paint/ use colour better to add to coursework so while I was in a stitching slump I have been doing a drawing class and some painting.
Sian's sketchbook challenge was welcome to follow on and to keep me practising. 
Below is my first week- I have done the challenge every one to two days, and as it takes longer for me to post than to draw I waited to post. I am posting the drawings to help motivate me, a challenge indeed.

Day 1,2,3 starting out teabags and shapes

Day 4 text and draw

Day 5 Learning lines
 This was an excuse to read the old magazines I'd saved "just in case" I needed them. I thought I'd find healthy food pictures but I found organic beauty products, which seemed to fit with my pockmarked though sweet orange.

Day 6 Sunshine and shadow

Day7 Getting bigger

Day 8 Drawing between the lines
Shells - every time I go to the beach outside Wellington I come back with shells, now I can use them, the shapes are challenging and colours subtle

Day 9 Puzzling patterns
A teatowel and piece of fabric gave lovely soft folds.

Well -on to next week- a challenge to find those objects- I can not use the vegetables as they are repurposed for the evening meal, and the flowers I have found are dead before I get to draw. It will have to be winter colours.
I have not fathomed how to scan A5, so apologies for grey space

Thank you Sian for blogging this challenge- I enjoy reading the blog post as much as attempting the drawing.
It takes much time to prepare and post these so thank you for time, effort and sharing.

I am looking forward to seeing our results from the second week.