Sunday, September 23, 2012

Design for 3rd assessment piece- banner or panel

I could put it off no longer and tackled a design for a banner.
I have now got to stage where I want to get on with it and so thought I would post for comments and help from you all and from Sian.
It was back to the estuary - I did many sketches and coloured pencil drawings. I painted in water colour - it was not good- if it looked bad in paint it would be worse in stitch- so I simplified. - I decided on a felted background with machine and hand embroidery- though i did consider a canvas background and "collage" and machine and hand stitch.
Below are design developments. To increase contrast and interest I want to do 2 long thin textiles based on low tide and high tide, contrast in weather and contrast with the natural pebbles/ sand versus urban road bridge, oil tanks. They will each be about 21cm x 60cms ie half A2 size.

I was putting drawings in sketch pad so some are trying out format/ideas

I did simple collages to explore further
 I made small pieces of felt for stitching samples while waiting for wool to arrive

When wool arrived I made 2 sample pieces of felt in the designs above- they are 1/2 A3 size and I plan to sew embellish so I know how to do larger final pieces. These samples are 3 layers of wool and I would either have to back them eg with ready made felt or do more layers 4/5 - backing has the advantage of covering the back of the stitching
Also covers if there are thin patches- it is felting 101 for me-
low tide sun on L high water grey day on R


I originally thought I may lace them together with a gap between but have decided to wait and see.
Back to stitching.
Please comment distant stitchers- this is all very new.