Saturday, April 30, 2016

Module 5 Chapters 6 and 8

Chapter 6 Suspension in silk fibre layers

I enjoyed exploring new ways to make and decorate silk paper. I added a sample from the silk paper made for laced container ( see earlier post.)

Chapter 8 Making lace with wrapped frames and paper

This chapter was fun, opportunity to make a mess and sew, and it was a good change from making 7 pairs of pyjamas for my grandchildren.
I am testing how long you can keep paper pulp in the fridge before it grows mould. I was away for 4 weeks and the pulp survived. I am not sure about the next 5 weeks. If any one is doing this chapter: you do not need much pulp so don't tear up all your wrapping paper and old envelopes.

There will be a pause to make dresses etc and look after a small girl in Brisbane. Keep sewing all the distant stitchers.

Chapter 2 Page 5 reposted

I am reposting this page because it was hard to see stitching with the painted background.