Monday, February 13, 2012

"Looking into" drawings

Here are my drawings for Sian's drawing competition "Looking into"
The hardest part was deciding what I could look into' and after much procrastinating I chose to draw what was nearest to me and meant something. In my sewing room/aka spare bedroom, my daughter donated her small bookcase before she went overseas, together with a flowerpot of loose change. My other daughter donated her treasures before she fled overseas ie a small teapot I have admired from afar, and other tins, boxes, balls etc- I have left them on the bookcase. This is from one shelf of the bookcase. Ideal for looking into.

They were all done on A4 sketchbook or loose sheets.

1 line drawing of everything- just getting started drawing after a break

2 pencil drawing

3 charcoal drawing

4 Looking on to the top of the objects- paint- water colour and ink

5 Paint background wash and water soluble wax pastels (without the water)

6 water soluble wax pastels- I added water to background and used them as wax pastels

7 Looking at shapes Paint and cut shapes + oil pastel and ink

 8 Monoprint and oil pastel-
there are 2 layers of monoprint, I did not have a successful day as i was in a hurry and didnt wait long enough for printing ink to dry, you can see the black layer underneath, I decided to add it to the collection

9 Monoprint and oil pastel- another experiment

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mod3 Ch9 Designing from the edge

I got engrossed in this design chapter and it was good to be able to work through it without days and weeks between efforts.
Here are my design sheets:
Stage 1
sheet 1


Stage 2- Next an A2 extension of drawing number 1- a photo - too big to scan
Sheet 3: extending drawing 1 (acrylic paint)

Stage3 Take a portion:
Sheet 4 enlarging and distorting
I had not used the paint programme that comes with microsoft office before so this was interesting to see the simple things you can do. The original photo as in sheet 1 looked amazing distorted and with colours inverted, like another planet. the sample is on sheet 5

Sheet 5 more enlarging and distortion

sheet6 -enlarge and new colours. I chose colours you might see around Wellington rather than the golden sands of Totaranui.

Stage4 long and thin portion to design an irregular vessel- perhaps for an assessment piece
Sheet 7 I thought this could be used as container for vase for seed pods and grasses. I have hangings to do and the drawing on Sheet 6 could be developed further to show fragmentation of the rocks, shells etc to suggest wearing away by sea etc.
 and photos of the cardboard masterpiece

Stage 5 Take an extremely small portion to create series of connecting designs
Sheet 8

Definitely Ok for the designer cushions to go with the beach house I haven't got.
I enjoyed these design exercises.
Next task is paper work and thinking about wall hanging !
enjoy your stitching distant stitchers