Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Mod3 Ch9 Designing from the edge

I got engrossed in this design chapter and it was good to be able to work through it without days and weeks between efforts.
Here are my design sheets:
Stage 1
sheet 1


Stage 2- Next an A2 extension of drawing number 1- a photo - too big to scan
Sheet 3: extending drawing 1 (acrylic paint)

Stage3 Take a portion:
Sheet 4 enlarging and distorting
I had not used the paint programme that comes with microsoft office before so this was interesting to see the simple things you can do. The original photo as in sheet 1 looked amazing distorted and with colours inverted, like another planet. the sample is on sheet 5

Sheet 5 more enlarging and distortion

sheet6 -enlarge and new colours. I chose colours you might see around Wellington rather than the golden sands of Totaranui.

Stage4 long and thin portion to design an irregular vessel- perhaps for an assessment piece
Sheet 7 I thought this could be used as container for vase for seed pods and grasses. I have hangings to do and the drawing on Sheet 6 could be developed further to show fragmentation of the rocks, shells etc to suggest wearing away by sea etc.
 and photos of the cardboard masterpiece

Stage 5 Take an extremely small portion to create series of connecting designs
Sheet 8

Definitely Ok for the designer cushions to go with the beach house I haven't got.
I enjoyed these design exercises.
Next task is paper work and thinking about wall hanging !
enjoy your stitching distant stitchers


  1. Loved your designs. You obviously enjoyed this part as much as me.

  2. You look as if you had fun!It's so interesting to see how they develop.