Thursday, May 3, 2012

Module 4 Forever Flowers Ch 2-6

I started chapter 2 in February whilst on holiday in Gisborne, and the most suitable flower to draw was a rose. It is hot in gisborne and hibiscus and other heat loving flowers flourish and are more common than roses.  I saw this one at Matawhero vineyard and so I bought a case of wine and asked if I might have a rose to draw. They owners kindly gave me one, and said this rose was created for the previous owner's wife. It is a lovely colour, yellow and soft shades of peach and orange. The wine is good as well.

I finished chapter 6 at the start of May, garden roses are a distant memory as it now almost winter.




This module is useful for using all those pieces of dyed material and stamped fabric that did not make it into other modules work .
Enjoy your stitching