Friday, July 29, 2011

Summer sketchbook challenge- Days 11,12,13

I had two goes at these challenges: Mixing colours for day 11, Colouring in day 12 and Shining highlights day 13. The first series are of a watering can, some leaves, rosehips and a camellia. Complicated for me and objects either too small -the rosehips or dominating -the watering can.
 Day 11 mixing colours- top sheet- coloured pencil, bottom- water colour

Day 12   Colouring in

Day 13 Shining highlights

By the time I finished painting the camellia on the 3rd day it was very sad looking.
For the second series  I chose a red pepper, 2 tamarillos and a mango on a piece of dyed calico

Day 11 mix colours
on the left is watercolour, R top is coloured pencil and bottom R is oil pastel

Day 12 Colouring in

and day 13 shining highlights

Would be better without the spiral, and with the tamarillo in a more interesting position but this worked for me as in this 2nd series the highlights are better.

Onto the next day- Day 14.
Please keep posting challengers as it is interesting to see our different approaches.

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  1. i love your colours and particularly the watering can series, yes its amazing how different everyones sketchbooks are