Saturday, July 30, 2011

Summer sketchbook challenge- Days 14,15

I have done two days of sketchbook challenge today. I am at home for a weekend in winter "on call" so it was good to have the sketchbook to play with.
I have continued with my second arrangement of pepper, mango and tamarillos, these gave simpler shapes and are still intact.
Day14  Continue with Colour-
Today you use other coloured media, I used coloured pencils at the top for the tamarillo and oil pastels for the mango

Then I chose to use oil pastels to colour one of the copies

Day 15 Scribble away- use pens and felt tips-
I used pens and biro as I had red, orange, light and dark green, purple and blue which was just sufficient.

The highlights are different because I did day 14 in daylight and these scribbles this evening. Tip - dont mark your highlight areas in the darkest colour- looks most odd.

These coloured studies were fun to do using the scanned copies, and I learned about the media and using lots of colours.
I have no excuse now not to watch the rugby SA vs NZ.

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  1. These sketches are great Ali. I love the way you've got the highlights so well - it's always something I find difficult. I wish I'd started this challenge at the beginning but I've only just started the DistantStitch embroidery certificate course and have enough on my hands at the moment with that!