Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Summer sketchbook challenge

Hello distant stitchers.
 Summer school looked great and it is good that people post their work- thank you.
I haven't been doing much stitching lately, as life gets in the way of course work. I had also decided I wanted  to be able to draw and paint/ use colour better to add to coursework so while I was in a stitching slump I have been doing a drawing class and some painting.
Sian's sketchbook challenge was welcome to follow on and to keep me practising. 
Below is my first week- I have done the challenge every one to two days, and as it takes longer for me to post than to draw I waited to post. I am posting the drawings to help motivate me, a challenge indeed.

Day 1,2,3 starting out teabags and shapes

Day 4 text and draw

Day 5 Learning lines
 This was an excuse to read the old magazines I'd saved "just in case" I needed them. I thought I'd find healthy food pictures but I found organic beauty products, which seemed to fit with my pockmarked though sweet orange.

Day 6 Sunshine and shadow

Day7 Getting bigger

Day 8 Drawing between the lines
Shells - every time I go to the beach outside Wellington I come back with shells, now I can use them, the shapes are challenging and colours subtle

Day 9 Puzzling patterns
A teatowel and piece of fabric gave lovely soft folds.

Well -on to next week- a challenge to find those objects- I can not use the vegetables as they are repurposed for the evening meal, and the flowers I have found are dead before I get to draw. It will have to be winter colours.
I have not fathomed how to scan A5, so apologies for grey space

Thank you Sian for blogging this challenge- I enjoy reading the blog post as much as attempting the drawing.
It takes much time to prepare and post these so thank you for time, effort and sharing.

I am looking forward to seeing our results from the second week.

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