Friday, August 12, 2011

Sketchbook days 16 -26

Here are the next days of sketch book challenge. It is easier to catch minutes to do my sketchbook than to post.

Day 16 Ripping and sticking
Practice page


Day 17 rest

Day 18 Jungle textures
This was a challenge as I needed trees/ foliage and daylight. Pot plants never reach vigorous growth at my house and as I go to work in the dark and come home in the dark it was tricky . Winter...
The task was to find your jungle, make representational marks/ scratches onto surface and cover with colour, so the scratches were emphasised.
1: I used a craft knife to make indents plus water colour penciL This is of an imaginary cabbage tree- we have one outside the house but I was not home in daylight to draw it

Not too successful and has cuts through the paper
2: This  page is  green oil pastel marked with a craft knife, then blue oil pastel was added and more marks added. I used the blade flat for the 2nd markings to more resemble cabbage tree leaves. The facing page shows cuts of page above as well as pale impression of this page

 Last weekend I was away and did these pages- this was of jasmine in bud against a wall
3 Marks made with blunt end of scissors + watercolour paint and watercolour pencil

4 Indents made with end of scissors + oil stick

Day 19 layers of colour
Back to the imaginary cabbage tree

1: layers of blue and green water colour with knife marks before each colour
2: layers of orange and blue paint with knife marks before each colour-
this worked better with more contrast between colours and making the 2nd cuts when the page was wet

Day 20 wax resist
1: White crayon resist, green water colour, scraped back with end of scissors, and blue water colour added
Note a good impression of the cuts from  page above. I was finding drawing lines to represent cabbage trees unsatisfactory and it looks like I had the book upside down
2: White crayon + watercolour- red + light green , more crayon and blue and green water colour over the top
This was another impression of the jasmine- with white blooms

Days 21 and 22 Sgraffito
D21: Trial page using different media

 Day 22 Sgraffito
My first attempts are best left in the sketchbook, but I did more drawings this afternoon and liked 2 & 3 below
1: Watercoloured pencil, white crayon, oil stick scraped back with end of paintbrush- this is jasmine drawn last weekend

2: Crayon + oil pastel scraped back with craft knife- camellias in garden- I was at home in daylight today

 3: Crayon plus oil stick- scraped back with craft knife- lemon tree in the garden

Days 23 & 24 rest
Day 25 Getting into perspective

Day 26 Carbon copies
 1: Practice with media- chalk top half, oil pastel at the bottom with oil pastel, crayon , pencil  and water colour pastel on top in lines. - scored from next page to leave impression on facing page - the grid. All media transferred except the pencil would not draw over pastel so no transfer.

2:  Chair chalk + oil pastel-
There are 2 chairs in this one

3:Chalk + crayon
The first image is the drawing of chair used for impressions. I don't think i would want to sit on this chair
these are the copies that are made when I drew the chair on a page after the one with colour laid down and then rubbing end of pencil in the negative spaces (see Sian's blog for explanation)

Day 27 Carbon copies 2
This is the drawing used 
And the copies - the left with an eraser over lines, the right by pressure over original drawing above.

Well, I am looking forward to tomorrow to play with monoprinting that Sian has just posted. Good night.

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