Saturday, August 13, 2011

Sketch book challenge Days 28, 29

Day 28 Monoprinting
The task was to draw cylindrical objects and then monoprint them. I found it easier to draw the cylinders in my sketch book and trace them. The traced image was then pencilled over when positioned on the back of the monoprint, this was useful for day 29 to align for 2nd printing. I used black printing ink and gold acrylic paint, and different papers to explore the effects. I now need more practice on drawing cylinders. It was two fun days trying out things without expectations of it being "good"

The image on the left was in the sketchbook - too much ink and blurred- I repeated it after re-rolling the plate on a piece of copy paper. I then monoprinted in green to L image-this did not improve it.
Below are the prints on different papers I tried
Top L, soft yellow paper decorated with gold , top R and bottom L decorated tissue,- lining for albums I think, black print and gold acrylic, bottom R gold acrylic on black paper

Day 29 Swirling ellipses
The task -1: monoprint a second colour to add detail, clarification, shadow/ floating lines or another object  and 2: draw into the ink/paint on the plate to produce a negative image.
1: I had plenty of images from day 28 to play with,  most of them rejects that were not improved,-however I was pleased with one of the prints on top R in image below. I used green printing ink or gold acrylic for 2nd layer
All but bottom L were on copy paper. Top L  black and green ink monoprint.  Top R gold acrylic + green ink- the gold image was not clear on one side so I added monoprinted extra lines in green which made it more interesting as it was not quite aligned. Bottom L gold acrylic + green ink- this would have been better with another light colour. Bottom R green ink + gold acrylic. The green ink was too wet for the monoprint so I added a second layer of gold

2: The page below shows drawing onto the print plate-green ink and gold acrylic- I used the blunt end of a brush to draw- they would probably look better if I had varied the drawing  instrument- thick and thin lines. The bottom R I did at the end before washing plate- I had a small piece of watercolour paper on my desk so I did a quick drawing and then monoprinted I like the texture of the paper on the print.

Well distant stitchers I shall have to find my course work again, one day to go in this challenge and a couple of weeks before my ski holiday. I need to organise my sewing so I am not taking the contents of work room plus sewing machine with us.

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