Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sketch book challenge Day 30

Final post of sketch book challenge. I am very happy I started the challenge and have completed it. When I see my work posted I can see the good and the not so good. I have enjoyed seeing other students work- distant stitchers are a talented lot- and I think "Oh is that how you do it- I must try that", so thank you.

Day 30 was drawing stitching and painting. It has not been outdoor weather here - snow - not settling where I live so I could get to work, so no daylight, and back to the red watering can.

Drawing + stitching- I used 2 different thicknesses of perle, thicker thread to emphasise watering can

 Then watercolour paint and image from wet print. On the wet image - the double outline on the twigs of japonica and rose was formed when I pressed the pages twice to darken the image, unintentional but I like the effect.
Thank you Sian for the challenge, I have enjoyed it and I hope to use the days' tasks as incentive to practice.

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