Saturday, January 14, 2012

goldwork assessment piece design and sewing

Sian gave me website addresses to explore so I redesigned and decided this time I would just do it, and sew.
below are design sheets and photos of my metallic thread treasure casket.

These 2 pages below are an A2 sheet with actual size drawing on so imagine them side by side. I will place a photo later
Next I made paper mockups and a small fabric /vilene trial. This photo is after the sewing sequence

Then came sewing
Below are close up of the embroudery. I used my resolved sample module 2 and the samples made in module 2 to select the threads and stitches as well as the amall samples on the design sheet

In the photos the background looks prominent compared to stitching probably because of the light I used. the balance is better seen in the photos of finished object.
I am going to post this in 2 posts as this is fourth session I have tried to upload the scans and photos and it takes sooooo long when you dont succeed.

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