Saturday, January 14, 2012

goldwork assessment piece design and sewing 2

Here are more photos on sewing the treasure casket
These are the mockups of the pice. The small model is made from dyed and stamped calico plus pelmet vilene
The actual piece is tea dyed and painted and stamped green silk  outer layer, hand made silk paper lining which is machine embroidered, with a middle layer of pelmet vilene for stiffening between.

Firstly the small model and paper full size model.
 next is a photo of the A2 design sheet

authentication for piece and module 3
 Here are photos of  the assembly of casket with the necklace displayed as on a tray and inside, hidden from view.

Inside surface, silk paper machine embroidered + necklace

The casket is fastened with machine cord loops and rolled metal "buttons"

And the other side

one last picture-imagine under the sea on a sunny day

 I shall go and find the paper work  for a next posting to finally drown this piece.


  1. I love the simplicity of your casket ,what an inspired shape.

    1. thanks, it was one of those happy mistakes