Saturday, May 22, 2010

Updates for module 2

Another long gap in posting - our printer/ scanner broke and photos of work were not detailed enough. I am now mastering the new scanner and have finally done updates that Sian asked for, to complete work on module 2.

More samples for chapter 3- Sian suggested that some of my stitched samples didn't match with the papers and perhaps I could do a sample to reflect a paper in the colours of the paper. Well I must confess I don't always read the instructions well, and I did do some decorated papers, put them away, then got out all the ugliest threads I wanted to lose and did some sewing.
the samples below I like a lot more

Next more detail on shapes and figures and main pattern for the opus anglicanum study

For chapter 5 Sian suggested less conventional items as threads and mesh- so I have used some wind break cloth, raffia as a substitute for dried reeds, old fishing line found on the beach at the Hutt estuary and some cotton dyed thread.

As you can see I have not sorted out how to change the scanner back to A4 size after I finally got it to scan A3
The next challenge suggested was to use more personal materials in couched samples for chapter 6- well I knew I was collecting the metal wine bottle tops for something and I think when cut up they make good beach debris, and suns and or flowers. The inner seal is cut in shapes from the historical study. I also used bent (found) wire and painted flax pods,  painted plastic tube and foil plus the fishing line. All of these could be found at the estuary after a good southerly storm.

  Finally I have done additional sewing on two of my samples for chapter 9 - the top sample p13 and lower sample for p 14.

I wanted to compare the scanner with my photo taken on digital camera so here is my resolved sample again.

I have made the 3D necklace but have to restring it all so my next posting will be soon.

Enjoy your sewing Distant Stitchers and please keep posting your work.

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  1. Hi just discovered your blog! we are on the same module but i am somewhat behind you! i love your necklace