Friday, February 12, 2010

3D design

hello all distant stitchers
I have had a break from design and modules as I was in summer mode and wanted to sew a quilt- it comes to me every couple of years. Now I have a quilt top which needs quilting and will be a UFO for a while-  sewing simple shapes together is so peaceful and undemanding.
It gave me a boost to get back to my design using a mussel shell.

At summer school I used a Welsh mussel shell which was long and lean- I couldn't bring one back so I am using NZ mussel shells which are chunkier-
I have experimented again with shape and colour following Sian's comments and I like this single shape much better. Thank you Sian. It now reflects more what I imagined. Sian suggested lighter colours, I have line stitched the edges in a light blue which is more forgiving than a dark blue, but perhaps I need darker blue in the "shells" for impact and to echo the mussel shell colour.




 The back will be the top stitched pattern. The cord is a machine stitched cord from perle and floss.

I am off on holiday for 2 weeks and i have packed a survival kit of sewing including my machine, my module 3,  5 books to read and some drawing / art materials. All this takes up more room than the shorts and tee shirts I need for the beach.
One of the distant stitchers asked that i post some of module 2- I shall post after the holiday- I have my extra sewing to do for Sian.
good sewing to all

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