Monday, November 16, 2009

Module 2 resolved sample- goldwork

Module 2 is now in the post to Sian
This resolved sample is based on the design work in module 2 using head and face silhouettes. My daughter was the model.
The sewing includes underside couching, foils, machine stitching, cords, patinised copper and puree tubes as well as a range of threads including Jap gold, braided thread, rayon, and machine sewing thread plus some coloured viscose ribbon and floss- The background is dyed calico from leftover dye from module 1. Now it is back to the design for the 3 D piece and goldwork.


  1. wow looks great! very impressed

  2. Congratulations on finishing module 2, I am just starting it and think that it is going to take a very long time to complete, gold work seems to be so fiddely. It is great the way that you have incorporated so many different materials and techiniques in you sample, I will refer back to it when I am feeling stuck if that is OK with you. It would be lovely to see some of the rest of your work for module 2, any chance you could post a few photos when you have a moment? Jane

  3. Beautiful piece, Alison, I've just started on module 1 with Sian, and am looking forward to getting going. It's so nice to see what other students are doing.
    I think I'll feel like Jane when I get this far, although I do love the finished product of gold embroidery.