Sunday, May 30, 2010

Module 3 chapter 2. Development work from research

module 3 got more fun when it was time to get the pencils, threads and paints out. I used dish cloth cotton for the braid samples and hessian rope for 2 of the braid blocks and the cotton for the other. I looked for an inexpensive option.
first drawing patterns p6

next braid stitches as printing blocks- I was on holiday when I did most of these and I pinned the rug canvas with braid stitch onto drift wood with sewing pins- it worked OK.
Pages 7 and 8  (apologies I put the number on these 2 sheets after scanning)

and finally p9 Plaited and woven braids and knots
I did my 3 D piece and extra work for module 2 after this so it was a while before I got back to module 3.

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  1. Hope you are okay and not affected by the earthquake.It must have been an awful shock.