Sunday, May 30, 2010

Module 3 Chapter 4: Stenciled braids onto fabric

Ch 4: Stenciled braids onto fabric
I took the pieces of material I dyed for module 1 that were not the colour I wanted (the dull greens and orange), or were left over from the certificate (they didn't make the grade then) and I attempted to convert them into something interesting and useable.
It was illuminating - I was limited in choice of colour in paint sticks and fabric paints as they have been collected as I do a module. My study topic is the Hutt river estuary - with flax, shells, river and sea etc. I found if I chose a colour that did not fit either the the topic or the colour of the background eg mauve or chlorophyll, I could improve it by adding more layers. I was almost beaten with the light yellow and mauve on dull green, but dark blue stencil placed to cover the other colours helped. The other learning point which is obvious if I had thought is Deka silk paints out of the jar cannot be used for stencils- hence the appearance of red overdye on paler dyed fabric.

ch 4 stenciled designs p12
In these small samples the stencil designs may be hard to see particularly when 2or 3 are overlaid. But I like the complexity - I used calico, voile and scrim as background.
Now onto ch 5 and making braids.
Good stitching every one.

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