Tuesday, March 19, 2013

3rd assessment piece- Final- At the estuary

Given Kiwis are supposed to be able to make anything with number 8 fencing wire I put it to the test and asked my Kiwi partner to unbend some coat hangers-

this is probably not within the rules but I lacked arm strength to be able to untwist. I did the cutting and bending into shape, joining and framing.

I lined the back with black calico about 6mm from the edge- this was necessary to provide a firm, secure edge to lace the felt to.
Below are pictures of the hanging and close up of the frame and lacing. Size is 68 cm x 52 cm including the frame.

and finally analysis.

So at my tortoise pace, I have hopefully completed 3 assessment pieces and 4 modules.

Enjoy your stitching distant stitchers.


  1. A beautiful hanging. I love your unusual idea for framing it and the stitching looks wonderful.

  2. This looks great!I love the close-ups especially the last photo.

  3. It's not the speed it's the end result that counts and yours is lovely.