Saturday, September 17, 2016

Mod 5 Chapter 10 Three resolved samples based on designs

Three resolved samples based on designs- using the following methods: silk paper, soluble methods, handmade paper.
The samples gave an opportunity to use some of the designs developed in module 1 and 3 of the diploma. I had several preliminary attempts and reminders of how not to do things- for example my first soluble attempt I used beige thread in the bobbin and pale green on top and darker colours for the flax- not a good outcome. Everything was muddy  brown as the beige overpowered the rayon threads and the colours of dark rayon threads ran when the soluble was washed out.
Below are the 3 final samples.

Sample 1: soluble methods- solufleece was used, and silk paper as a background. Design from module1
The silk paper background could have been larger - my first and third samples did not work as well so I used this one as I liked the colour combinations.

Sample 2: silk paper- design from module 3. I made a sheet of silk paper, cut it up and reassembled using machine stitching.

Sample 3 handmade paper
Design based on design in chapter 9, laminated wire shapes. Information from Sian's chapter "Working in the Air" in the book" Approaches to Stitch"  edited by Maggie Grey was useful in giving further practical information for this sample.

another view scanned on coloured paper to give better contrast.

The end of this module is in sight. Module 5 is enjoyable with new skills, and sewing the paper cut outs ie the design exercises  for the resolved samples made more sense of the earlier work,
Enjoy your stitching distant stitchers.

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