Friday, July 27, 2012

Module 4 (Ch8-11) Ch 10 Felt making

ch 10 and 11 were another GLE (great learning experience) as the only felting I had done was needle felting a ball. It was fun and an excuse to stand in the bath stomping on the wool.
However my beginner status meant I made felt: too thin and had to cover holes or join layers, or too thick so it was like springy turf.- I was looking forward to playing with the embellisher foot I bought  for my machine- it took me 11 broken needles before I learned that it really was for just embellishing with a single layer of wool and doesn't manage tangled scrim, or 6 layers /strips of fabric with close weave. I kept my fingers mostly intact and I was pleased I wear glasses as broken needles were ejected in all directions.

ch10 Felt making

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